Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thanks and Praise

Today I am thankful and full of praise to God for:

The fact that my daughter and the grandkids are coming for a few days.  It seems like forever since I've seen them and I can't wait.

That we're going to see Magic Mike with some friends.  Don't judge.

That my program is about half way through to completion and is going very well.

That my son is the computer wizard that he is and he's able to help me with this program.

That I'm actually getting up at between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. every morning and working out.  Miracles do happen people.

That tomorrow is a holiday.

That I live in this wonderful country.

That I have a wonderful, loving family that knows the meaning of giving.

That I have a job that's demanding but fulfilling and that I work with people I genuinely like.

That I'm good at what I do.

That I have a personal relationship with God.

That I'm back into yoga and meditation practice.  There's a reason it's called practice...because you're never too far away to get back into it and you're never to good to quit.  The path to enlightenment is always changing.

That, at this advanced age, I actually have days where I catch a glimpse of who I really am and I like it.  It doesn't happen a lot, but it's happening more often than it used to and that is progress.


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  1. Liking myself lets everything else fall into place.

    The older my daughter gets, and now that she is a mother, our relationship is so much better. She no longer has the need to "correct" my foolish ways and thoughts..:) I wish she and granddaughter were closer so I would see them more often.

    Enjoy your visit, that is truly one of the joys of life!


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