Friday, August 10, 2012

Looking Forward to the Weekend

It's kind of a 'duh' statement I know - but I am really looking forward to this weekend.

First of all, the hubs and I have a "date day" which we never do anymore...mostly 'cause we're broke.  But this Saturday, we're going to lunch and then to a matinee of "Hope Springs" with Merrill Streep (love her), Tommy Lee Jones (really love him), and Steve Carell (he's cool).  I've been looking forward to it since I saw the first trailer for it on TV.  I think it will really speak to us because of the subject matter (middle aged couple needs to put the spark back in their marriage) and, let's face it, I'd go watch these three read the phone book.

We're not really movie goers.  Hell...we're not really movie watchers either.  We're more the satellite TV channel surfing type.  It's not that we don't like movies, because we do, but there have always been competing priorities.  For example, before kids we didn't go to the movies much because I always said that we loved to talk on our dates so why waste two hours in a theatre where you couldn't see one another let alone talk to each other.

You want to call bullshit on me...or shall I.

The reason I didn't want to go to the movies was because there would be two hours that I couldn't drink.  While it was very true that I loved to go out and spill my guts to the hubs and let him listen while I processed, it was always about the booze.  If we didn't drink, I didn't want to go.

After kids it just became too much of a hassle and too expensive to go.  But we always managed to hit the kids movies by taking in the matinee instead of the evening show.  Old habits die hard but let's face it, $5.00 per ticket vs. $10.00?  I can do that math.

Now we sort of go separately.  The boys go with their friends and I go with the girls, or I go with the boys or the boys and their girlfriends...and the hubs...well he doesn't go unless I drag him.  This weekend I'm dragging him.  I need some one on one time and I really want to see this movie.  Case closed.

And I'm going to cook...don't know what yet...but I feel like cooking.



  1. Saw you over at no more merlot - YESSSSSS another, ahem,, mature woman, as myself :)

    No, but I did some blog hops this week and everyone is freaking 20something, huhhh???

    So, great to meet you and abnout the movie thing, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
    kidding right?
    Purchase pop, go immediately to restroom; wait until its empty (I don't get that part now), dump pop 3 fricken quarters out and promptly add bacardi. Voila'

    euuww, just typing that out - yuck,
    anyhow, gotta run, tonight is our date night, well, me and Adrian Peterson (Vikings), that is. No, kidding, well, not really; you should see that man w/out his jersey. But we are getting pizza and watching the preseason game. yeehaawwww.
    Oh, adrian, I know you won't play, but I cannot WAIT to see you :0

  2. ** adding you to my blog read list

  3. I so hear you on the movie thing, too. It was a rule of mine that if i was going to go (which was rare) i would go out for dinner and drinks first. I would get completely drunk and either not end up going to the cinema because i was having too much fun in the pub or i would go under sufferance and not remember the film anyway!
    Enjoy your date night and some special one on one time together. Imogen x


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