Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I've decided that I'm just going to meander here today.  I love the word "meander".  It makes me think of early fall days when the weather is cooling and the leaves are just beginning to change.  When you put on a sweater and take a long walk in the park or on the beach or where ever. 

Oh yeah...I am soooo over this summer.

I'm alone in the office for a few hours with very little to do (after our crazy busy season we have these lulls...they are so welcome) so I'm going to just let the post take me where it wants to take me this morning.  If you don't have the patience for this kinds of drivel - you can disconnect, click the little read "x", or hang up...whichever you prefer.

I overslept and missed my morning yoga practice and now I'm all wonky (I love that word too - wonky...I just like the way it sounds).  Even though it's only been a few months of every morning yoga, its amazing how tilted I feel when I don't get to practice.  There is yet another event tonight so I won't get a practice in tonight either (or maybe I will...we'll see how it goes). 

I stumbled upon a new to me blog yesterday and it's really, really good.  Imogen over at Life Spent Drunk is in the early phases of her recovery.  She's a wonderful writer and her posts take me back to a time that I'd like to forget but won't...because its dangerous to forget.  Thank you Imogen, for reminding me how important my sobriety is to me.  And also thank you for the lovely compliment.

I just noticed that every paragraph so far has begun with "I".  How self-centered is this post?  Oh wait...its my's supposed to be self centered.  Carry on...

My friend (ha-ha...fooled you) has been laid off from work.  I'm going to call her later this morning and talk through some of what she's feeling, lend a little advice (if asked), and just listen.  Its so hard being laid off.  You know it's likely not personal but after a while you can't help taking it personally.  What's wrong with me?  Why is so and so still employed?  It's also hard to watch friends who you've counseled and mentored rise to levels in the company you never will.  Rewarding but difficult just the same.  Some say its a matter of age and circumstance (wrong place, wrong time).  I've come to believe that it's all just part of God's plan for us. 

I work in the banking industry so I've seen my share of layoffs in my 30+ year career (holy crap!) and with the exception of one individual (who was an alcoholic in denial) I have never known anyone who wasn't happier with their life after the layoff.  Most say, "I wish I had done this sooner."  Sometimes you have to be pushed out of the nest in order to really fly.  Layoffs are ugly and hard and can put you in a mountain of debt (oh...maybe that's just me) but they also provide an opportunity to take a long hard look at your career and take it in a new direction if you want.

My battle with food.  Man this is HARD.  Everytime I get on a roll I have another event, or I have to meet with a caterer who insists I sample their selections, or we have company for dinner or...oh bloody hell!  Apparently I am just not strong enough to combat this thing right now.  The good news is that with all the research and all the books and articles I've read over the last several months, I have learned what's considered good for you (MUFA's) what isn't (refined sugar) and what misconceptions have been debunked ("fat free" is not, necessarily, a good thing).  I'm better equipped in my day to day pursuit of health even if I'm still the same size.  And really, isn't that the point?

So for now I'll keep make every attempt to eat a balanced and healthy diet.  Control my portion sizes.  Try not to trade Chardonnay for sugar.  And practice mindfulness when I eat.  And, most importantly, stay the hell off the scale! give Jenny Craig another shot...we'll see.  ;-)


"Happiness, that grand mistress of the ceremonies in the dance of life, impels us through all its mazes and meandering, but leads none of us by the same route."
~Charles Caleb Colton


  1. For some reason, I can only read you in my reader on my phone which means I get to comment using my phone also. Bleh!
    Loved this post... I have certain words that I love too. "nostril" makes me laugh and I use "slather" at work a lot and that word grosses some people out for some reason....but I love it!
    About the food....all we can do is the best we can do. It took me years, quite literally, to make any sort of real change. Maybe if you aren't able to make the changes you would like with food right now, make other changes. Get moving. Walk, hike, run, lift small weights, exercise. My big deal was that I wanted to be healthy and ABLE to do what I wanted physically. Strong enough to hike and climb. I was tired of being too out of shape to keep up with my young adult kids who would invite me cool places. Lol I'm too old, fat, and outta shape guys, catch me on the way down. Lol small steps. I started with walking 30 minutes a day 3x a week. I added in 3 sets of 10 reps with light weights and added to it as my strength grew. And it all happened right in my own bedroom standing there lifting, bending, and my nightgown! Lol

  2. Oh, thank you for your kind words. I happily testify as to what not to do. So pleased it's a helpful reminder for you :)
    Love your meandering post... dealing with lack of summer in the UK, autumn meandering in already; dealing with hubbie's redundancy; dealing with my booze weight. Always able to relate to your words.
    As you said, you're pursuing health. And without that, what have we got? x

  3. I love meandering, wonky and I hate the phrase "out of shape".


    Alex has been looking for a job since forever...and I'm tired of forever (another word I hate) and, and, and I'm tired of waiting (another word I hate - "waiting") because waiting seems to mean I have to wait for the future or so it seems.

    Your attitude is much better than mine. =)


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