Thursday, November 8, 2012

Okay...I'm back.

And here's bullshit.  It was too hard for the hubs to get to my new blog so he wasn't reading my posts unless I was standing over him.  Since this is the way we communicate sometimes, it's really kind of important that he sees them.

My kids will be mortified.

So I'm moving my most recent post over here and here I'll stay.  I still reserve the right to write about any dang thing I want at any dang time I want...but at least I know he'll see it.

I love you honey.



  1. I'm glad you're back Sherry. I understood your reasoning in wanting to start a new blog, but truth is, this IS your blog and you CAN write about whatever the hell you want here.

    If you are staying sober and living sober, this will always be a sober living blog.

    Sorry to hear about the dishwasher and the dentist and the vet. When it rains it pours, ugh.

  2. Awwww....thanks. You're right. I guess I just had to give myself permission. I had no idea that sobriety and old age would make me so damn fickle!

  3. I'm glad you're back here...I just love the name of this one :)

  4. I am kinda new in sobriety just a year an 4 months and counting....feeling like running and hiding for the holidays and probably doing something can i get out of this mindset???


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