Sunday, August 4, 2013


One of my biggest fears in life has always been rejection.  It made me hesitant when approaching anything new because I was afraid, no...I was sure, that I would be rejected and thereby embarrassed.  I'm sure that the reasons have a lot to do with me being an introvert coupled with my upbringing.  Whatever.  I've reached a point in my recovery where I've realized that looking backward is going to cause me to crash into the car in front of me that just stopped short.  In other words, it's not worth the risk.

I'm learning that it's not all about me.  How ridiculous for me to think that when I approach someone, their first thought is about me!  I have no idea what is going on in their head or in their lives.  They may be thinking, "Hmmm...well she could stand to lose a few pounds," OR they may be thinking, "Wow, what a confident beautiful woman she appears to be."  More likely they are thinking, "I forgot to make Vicki's lunch today, I hope she has enough money to buy lunch," OR "I hope he calls me today and asks me out."

For this reason, I'm trying to stop reading things into situations that may or may not be there.  I'm trying to take people at face value and assume that everyone is coming from a place of kindness and if they aren't? Well that not really my fault now is it?  Nope...that's something that has been building and growing for years.
BUT (you knew there was a "but" didn't you), old habits die hard and these are deeply ingrained in my psyche.  So when Blog Nation sent me a rejection notice the other day, I felt the sting of rejection and my face reddened from embarrassment.  What's wrong with ME?  What's wrong with my blog?

So I read back over the email.  First of all, the subject line was, "Your Blog Has Been Removed from Blog Nation".  Ouch.  Then I ready the email...

The editors at Blog Nation have removed Oh For The Love of…Me from Blog Nation. The blog did not meet our content guidelines, as outlined on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Possible reasons might include a broken URL, a site written in a foreign language, a site without posts, etc.  If you feel that this was a mistake on our end, please do not hesitate to contact us.

So I went to the FAQ page, to see what was wrong with me.  Why don't you want me?  (Notice the use of the word "me".)

Guess what?  The only reason I could find was that they don't like blogs with "excessive use of profanity".

Well fuck me naked....THAT's it?

My "excessive profanity" is part of my charm.  I am not foul mouthed in my day to day life but damn it all to hell it sure is fun to come out here and say all the things I want to say in the way I want to say it.

So adios Blog Nation.  Like some couples after a first date, we're just not right for each other and that's okay.  I wish you the best.  Ciao!

It's good to know that I'm learning not to let what other people may or may not think of me drive me batshit crazy.  So here it is...I know you've been waiting for it...without further ado...(drum roll please)...

Fuck you Blog Nation and the horse you rode in on....



  1. I am cracking up as I type this (fuck me're too fun and funny!!!!)

    I guess your profanity use trumps the insight, humor and writing skills as far as Blog Nation is concerned. Back when I was a blogger I was on those lists but 90% of my readers found me from other people's blogs, so you don't need them!

    As far as the rejection thing - I'm pretty sure a lot of us can relate to that, I know I can.

  2. Fuck that

    Oh, and about the looking back thing. I tell my clients "its ok to look back, just don't stare" !!!
    I also tell them, "what other people think of you is none of your business"
    Though, Dr. Suess always tells it best!

  3. Ha ha! What is blog nation anyway? They sure wouldn't have me either as I love to drop a good F-bomb now and then.. just had an email from a chap who said (among other things) .. 'I really like how you cuss sometimes'.. so who cares about Blog Nation! xxxx

  4. You are bang on with the whole thing about others probably thinking about other things than us - did I put the clothes in the dryer? Are those shoes on sale still? Where's my cellphone? etc. It's so true. But we make ourselves the center of the universe, and of course the resentments start from there. But like you, I still have my moments, and I get caught up in that web too. I just have to step back and remember the things you said here so well.

    As for blog nation - never heard of it either. You're meant to be where you are meant to be. If swearing is part of the package, then that's the package, baby :)

    Stay true to your's a wonderful voice :)


  5. "Well fuck me naked"....that's hilarious, lol. I am seriously going to borrow that from you. Loved your post...reminds me of another blogger I know...uh, me. :-)

    Thanks for the laugh and the kick in the pants I needed today.


  6. Oh well they just done know what they're fucking missing is all (dicks)

  7. Blog Nation? What the fuck is that?

    And seriously, your cussing doesn't even register on my cuss scale.

    Do you think maybe it was because you took a break here while you were maintaining your zen? Could be they're just slow on their side and are under the impression you changed blogs?

    Who knows. And really, who cares. Kinda like what you said above about not worrying about others' opinions. Could be anything, and I would bet money that it's nothing about you personally. xo

  8. I'm with ROS, i've heard of your blog but not of Blog Nation. Maybe you should send them an email and say you reject their attitude. Fuck them, indeed.

    Also, as a writer who submits and an oversensitive rough and tough cream puff, i get what you're talking about concerning rejection! When i feel bad about things like this, i press the magic button to make it stop...or i move on and wait for the feeling to subside!

    As for the profanity...really? i was going to complain you don't swear enough! ;-)

  9. Yep, never heard of them either. And too much swearing? Please. You're awesome. Please don't ever change.

  10. Fuck me naked was a good one....LOL you are right here where you belong. Who needs Blog Nation? Whatever in the hell that is.

  11. Fuck me naked is a good line - I must find a suitable situation to use it in today...

    I've got better at dealing with rejection over the sober years, still hurts but I'm getting better at it in that I think it is either their issue or whatever... mostly though I just remind myself it doesn't degrade my worth to myself


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