Saturday, February 15, 2014

Moving to Wordpress

I am so sorry for this but I'm officially moving to Wordpress.  I'm doing this because Blogger is not blocking the copious amount of spam I'm getting and I DO NOT want to make you all do the word verification thingy.  So with Furtherton and my son's I go.

Anyway...I hope you come on over and keep following me but I'll understand if you're done with my jumping around.

See you there!  (I hope.)


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Read this...I'm serious

I read this blog from this brilliant woman who is funny as all hell and has a potty mouth that rivals mine.  She blogs mostly about parenting but she's also a recovering alcoholic so, from time to time, she blogs about that too.

This is one of those times.

This is one of those posts.

And it's fucking brilliant.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The More Things Change...The More They Stay the Same

I get emails all the time for Living Social and Groupons.  If you're not familiar with these companies, they exist as a marketing tool to promote businesses.  Basically you sign up for a specific region of the country and then periodically (i.e.several times a day) you receive emails with coupons and/or special deals on goods and services.  Most of it's crap but occasionally I happen on a good deal.  Once I got all of our carpets cleaned for $99.  I also got the dogs bathed and their nails clipped for like $40.  I've also gotten massages and other spa services at a fraction of the price.

But, like I said, 90% of the time it's crap.  I scroll through, looking for a good deal and then I move on.

But today I saw something that made me pause.  And caused me to think.  And then caused me to LOL.

I saw this...

Now this is not the first time I've seen a "go cup" like this.  But it is the first time that I thought, and I shit you not...

"Wow...there's a lot of wasted space in that glass.  You should just take out the stem and fill that sucker up!"

I guess some things never change. 

At least I'm consistent.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Facebook!

Facebook is 10 years old today.  Wow.  It's seems like there has always been a Facebook and yet it's a mere 10 years old.  On the other hand, those 10 years have flown by and it's hard to believe that FB has been around that long.

Quite a paradox.

I love Facebook and social media in general.  I love that I can stay in touch and find people who would have otherwise drifted out of my life.  I love that my family posts pictures from far away and I can share in things.  I love that I can offer love, support and kindness to people who need it and never have to dial their number (I hate talking on the phone).  I love that the older it gets, the more social media touches lives in positive ways.  I love that I can make new "Facebook friends" and it feels like we're besties even though, in some cases, we've never met face to face.

I also love that it did not exist in the 80's...just sayin'.

My kids tell me that Facebook is now for "old" people (translation...anyone over the age of 30) and that they've moved on to Instagram, Vine, Tinder and whatever else is floating around out there.  What. Ever.  Love it or hate it, Facebook turns 10 big ones today.

Which of course got me thinking.

Where was I 10 years ago?

We were living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in what I can only describe as my dream home.  Small town, 30 minutes from the ocean, unbelievable house with an even more unbelievable kitchen, wonderful family...It was a dream come true.

My drinking was escalating at the time but was no where near where it would be by 2010.  That said, I was dealing with a lot in those years.  The hubs had emergency bypass surgery.  Matt was hospitalized for a very severe case of strep.  My mother was slowly dying and trying to take me with her.

But in spite of all of that, life was really, really good.  The hubs was working at a job he loved.  The boys were young and involved in activities that kept me busy.  I discovered Little League Baseball which I grew to love with a passion.  I made some life long friends.  I loved our house and our neighborhood and we entertained a lot.  I was in graduate school (again).  I knew and loved every inch of that little town.

I've often wondered why God took us to that life in 2004 only to help me make decisions that would move us away from it only three years later.  I guess He just wanted us there.  And now He wants us here.  I think He wanted us here for the schools and the opportunities my boys would never have had in our small town.  He wanted us here so that I could change jobs and find this one that I love.  He wanted us here...well...just because He said so!

I mean, who else takes a job that has her company spending 30 grand to move her and her family 400 miles south only to get laid off 18 months later?  This girl! 

AND He locked us in here because we bought our house at the height of the real estate market only to see prices plummet within six months of moving in...can you say upside down?  I think that you can. matter how homesick I was (am?) in those first couple of years, He made sure we weren't going anywhere.

And since my life here is so amazing, I guess He knew what He was doing.  (Duh!)

I still miss that house though.  Just sayin'.


Monday, February 3, 2014

A Confession

I have to confess to being triggered yesterday!  Of all days!  Superbowl Sunday hasn't been a drinking day for me in over 20 years.  Sure, in my last couple of drinking years I drank on Superbowl Sunday but hell, I drank EVERY damn DAY then so it was nothing new or special.  Other than that, Superbowl Sunday (even when the Redskins were playing...oh...wait...that's been over 20 years too) hasn't been a real party hardy day for me in a very long time.

But "back in the day" we used to party very hard on this football day of days.  In the beginning we either had a party or went to someone's house where we all sat around and whooped and hollered at the game, laughed at the commercials and drank way too damn much and cried when Whitney Houston sang the Star Spangled Banner.

In later years, we started a HUGE football pool that was $1000 per square.  At first we just paid out the entire lump sum to the winner.  Then we decided to split it up by quarter and take some of the cash to throw at ginormous Superbowl party at a local restaurant for anyone who was in the pool.  Since a lot of people bought squares together, there was usually a pretty big crowd.  Not gonna definitely made some memories.  As part of the founding group, the hubs and I would get there early with some of our other friends and start the festivities (translation...start drinking before everyone else got there).  Then we would eat and drink and watch the game on a huge screen TV (WAY back before everyone had one).

In a was fun.

But that was a long fucking time ago and I was sick of it 20 years ago!  The hubs and I had kids and after that, we needed to be home on Sunday's to get ready for the next week...Superbowl not withstanding.  In fact, I remember one Superbowl Sunday we spent in the emergency room with a 2 year old Brian who had gotten dehydrated from a stomach virus (thank God I wasn't drinking at home back then).  That was one of the time's I told the doctor he didn't know shit from shineola and followed my own gut instinct...I was right.

But I digress...

So if I was all past the drinking and carousing of Superbowl Sunday, why in the name of fuck's sake was I consistently thinking about those parties and what a cold glass of White Zinfindel would taste like?  White Zin?  Really?  I haven't like pink wine since about 1990!

Hey Sherry...they 80's called, they want their wine back.

ANYWAY...of course I swatted those thoughts away with a smirk, a WTF and a shake of the head.  After all I'm used to them and they don't bother me any more, but whenever they come around I'm left thinking what the hell caused them?

Was I tired?  No.  In fact I was energized from a beautiful day.
Was I depressed?  Nope...I'm medicated for that.
Was I hungry?  Hardly.  It was Superbowl Sunday yo.
Was I angry?  Only at the Broncos...but that doesn't really count since they aren't the Redskins.
Was I lonely?  Nope...even Matt was home for dinner.

Oh well.  I'll just chalk it up to "one of those things".  Like a snap that flies over the head of the quarterback and shifts the mojo of a game in the first three minutes

You of those things.