Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Will Always Love You

Whitney Houton died yesterday.  A beautiful woman with an amazing talent.  I'm sorry that all anyone wants to talk about is her drug addiction and her struggles in the latter half of her life...but that's the way it goes.  When we succumb to our addictions, we become our addictions and the world defines us by those addictions.  But we're so much more than that.

In Whitney's case, she was a mother, an artist, a daughter.  No matter how or why she died - her fans and her loved ones are left to grieve.

God bless you Whitney.  I pray that you find the peace and love with God that you never found on earth.  And I will always love you.


  1. that's so sad... she is an amazing talent who had a rough time of it... I hope she finds peace!

  2. I worry for her daughter... she's the one who is still alive and left behind to deal with this.


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