Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Yep - I'm one of those - a hopeless, over the top, incredibly sappy romantic and it's one of the things I love about myself.  I cry at almost all romatic movies.  I send sappy cards to my husband (handwritten and store-bought).  I save scraps and bits to sit down and look at later and sigh... And I LOVE Valentine's Day!

I know what some of you will say and I could care less that it's a made-up Hallmark holiday.  Doesn't matter to me in the least.  I embrace the sentiment and wrap myself in it and get all warm and fuzzy over it.  (Big smile!)

It used to be that it was a day I saved strictly for my husband and I.  I would plan elaborate get-aways, special dinners out, buy meaningful gifts.  I would get dressed up and wear red.  I've even sent him flowers and once, if memory serves, a gorilla with balloons.  We would go to dinner, I would drink a lot (of course), we'd make goo-goo eyes (however blood-shot mine were) at each other and pledge our undying love.  LOVE IT!

However, in the last few years I've invited the kids to join us for dinner.  I've also been making dinner at home (my famous marinated filet mignon) and I've decorated the dining room, gotten out the good china, and had gifts and cards for everyone.  I've done this for a couple of reasons.  One is that we're way more frugal than we used to be so dropping a bunch of cash at a hotel and restaurant is just plain stupid when you'll soon be putting three through college; and two is that we'll soon be putting three through college and they'll be GONE.  There will be more than enough time for the hubs and I to be alone together once that happens.

And of course now our boys have girls of their own so they get invited as well - but that isn't going to last long either - soon they'll want to do something alone with their girls...sigh...

Anyway, I still love the hell out of Valentine's Day and I want to take a moment today to wish my Valentine a happy, happy day.  I love you honey and I thank God everyday that he sent me an angel to share my life with.  Everyday you are more special to me and I'll love you forever...or at least until tomorrow.  ;-)

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  1. Baby, you are my Valentine and I will always love you (to quote a WH song) and at least until tomorrow!!!


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