Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Unusual Meeting

I had an interesting experience in my meeting last night.  Since I'm new to AA, I wasn't sure how to react but based on those around me - I wasn't that far off base.

Our group leader did an excellent introduction to Step 3 (since this is the third month) by telling the story of Ebby and how he visited Bill W and explained the concept of God to him.  Then Bill went to explain it to the Dr. and he "got it" after realizing that Bill wasn't trying to force anything on him - just to open his mind about how he perceived God or a higher power.

There was the usual sharing about how each of the group came to accept God on their own terms and most of it was the same.  We were disillusioned, lost and afraid and had either lost touch with our God (me) or felt like He was angry or was punishing them or that He had turned his back on them. 

Then...this guy starts talking about how he's studied all kinds of religions and how he's so well versed in the concept of God and then he begins to share about all these "studies" he's done.  He goes on for about 5 minutes and then says, "Well thanks for listening!", and he got up and left!  In the middle of the meeting!  It was crazy.  We all sat there staring for a minute and then someone else spoke up and we moved on.

I have to say that my group seems to be pretty traditional in how it conducts meetings (not that I've seen any others - just what I've read about).  We stick to the script, so to speak.  There's no cross talking and everyone stays in "I" mode.  This was a real trip!  Reactions went from snickers to all out outrage.  Plus, and this is worst of all, he left his coffee cup for us to toss for him.  AND he was dissing the guy he sat next to before the meeting and not in a "just joking" way...in a way that made me really uncomfortable.  Surreal to say the least.

Oh - and as a side note, I finished my third step last night and will begin my fourth today.  Hmmm...I don't mind saying that the 4th and 5th steps scare the shit out of me.  Just sayin'.

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger." ~Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. And it will make you stronger. Ha, ha, that reminds of a time a guy pulled out a little bible and started reading it during the meeting. He got really pissed when the chairperson told him to stop. Then another time a guy came barging in with this huge trophy he had just won in a pool tournament, saying "Look what I won!" Uh, we are having a meeting here? He threatened to hit one of the guys with his trophy when asked to leave, but he left and I never saw him again. Good luck on your fourth!

  2. It is another episode of "It Takes All Kinds" and one never knows where they will emerge...a friend was nearly stabbed by a stranger while crossing the street in Wash. D.C....a friend likes to challenge the Pastor of a local church during the morning worship service about the factualness of the Sermon...What? Yes! You just have to keep your wits about cha!!


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