Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thank God for...

A nice side effect of working through my food issues on my other blog, "Changing My Relationship With Food", (shameless plug for the new site acknowledged) is that I'm beginning (VERY VERY SLOWLY) to change how I think about not only myself, but my body too.

So this morning I actually looked in the mirror and didn't hate what I saw...I didn't like it...but I didn't hate it either.  As I thought about what I was looking at in the mirror, I said a "Thank God" for not having ugly and hurtful thoughts about myself which prompted me to think, why not thank Him properly?

So here's my Thank God for...list for today -

Thank God for...
  • My family and the way my children are turning out.  I love them AND I like them.  That is a blessing.
  • The fact that the youngest twin got a 5 on his AP US History Exam.  That is a huge hairy deal.  Very few people manage that and he did it.  It will count for two college courses.  You go my baby!
  • Yoga - I've been practicing every morning instead of stressing about doing cardio and I feel amazing.  My muscles are getting stronger and my well being is improving.
  • God's forgiveness.  I haven't been feeling very close to Him lately but I know He's not far.  I'll get back to where I need to be.
  • A husband who puts up with my shit.
  • Work that I love with the possibility (that's looking better and better everyday), that it will turn into a permanent position.
  • My new blog which is giving voice to my issues with food just the way this one gave voice to my addiction to alcohol.  I love writing.  I have always wanted to be a writer but I lack the imagination required for fiction.  This type of writing suits me and makes me happy. 
  • The people who write and read blogs, what a wonderful community.

Have a blessed day...



  1. Oh girl, never hate who you see in the mirror!

    Hate the billions of dollars spent in marketing efforts to make you hate what you see. What terrible messages young women and girls are getting today. I'm glad my generation was able to be kids well into our mid teens. No one told me I had to look "hot" at 10 years old.

  2. On MY thank God list for today is you! Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog! I really, really appreciate it! You don't know how much it means to me!

  3. Your commentors really say it all about you Thanks, God...your gifts are many and they are the pleasures for which your family thanks God about you every day...and you have this magnificent gift of relating hope and strength to others through your written word...keep up this wonderful work...I love you very much...

  4. Small changes are supposed to make lasting changes. I get way too impatient. I want to see change now. I am working on that. It is wonderful that you aren't hating what you see. I am not having much luck with that, though I am working on my own weight loss. Hopefully I'll be able to stay patient with myself. Liking what you feel on the inside but hating what you see on the outside really sucks. I am happy that you are on your way! Go, girl!


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