Sunday, August 5, 2012

Found: One Attitude Adjustment

The Mom Cave

After I posted yesterday, the hubs read it and we we talked.  He came up with a great thought (he always does) which places the trigger squarely in the court of deprivation.  Subconsciously (aw was consciously) I felt deprived at the dinner because I couldn't have wine like the normies which I proceeded to stuff down.  THEN I came home and perceived that I was being deprived of a pedicure.  Told you I was dense.
Here's the crazy part.  I could have easily told the hubs to kiss my ample ass and that I was getting a pedicure if I wanted one.  But I didn't.  I got angry.  Angry!  Over polish on my toes!  That's what threw me.  It was such an out of control reaction to such a simple thing.  Honestly, it was stupid.
So once we talked it through we started moving furniture.  I got the boys out of bed at the crack of noon and they helped us relocate the hubs' desk to the alcove in our bedroom, move bookshelves into the game room on the second floor and create what you see above.  My new meditation/yoga room, or, as I like to refer to it, the Mom Zone.
The room is so pretty (it's already lavender...that was actually a paint choice error that has now ended well) and it's the one place in the house that is all mine.  A soft and pretty place in my house o' men.  And I love it.
I promptly did an extended yoga practice and a short meditation before we headed out to a birthday party for a neighbor.  Later today I need to find some shades or curtains for the french doors that open from the foyer to the room because, let's face it, no one wants to come face to ass with my behind in downward dog.  And then I'll find some new pictures for my lifeboard.
  A gratitude list is also necessary for an attitude adjustment so here goes...
Today I am grateful and thankful for:

  • A family that loves me enough to give up a public area in our home so that I have a place of my own.
  • A family that loves me enough to spend a good chunk of their Saturday schleping furniture up and down stairs.
  • The means and luck to have a home that is large enough to make this happen.
  • The blogger community who "listens" and sometimes comments on, what often feels to me, like whining.  I hate whining.
  • The hubs who ALWAYS listens and comments on my whining, issues, and problems.  I love you honey.
  • My new job.
  • My new benefits - we'll save about $700 a month on health care costs.
  • God...nuff said.



  1. I love the "Got my boys up at the crack of noon..." hahaha I thought it was just me?

    LOve your new space and everybody deserves a little mini break down every once in awhile. You get a free pass...cause I said so....just sayin'

  2. "my ass in the downward dog" I've never seen an ass look good in a downward dog. It just ain't natural!

    I can really relate to this. When my son was living at home (at age 27!) we both used my office (my space) as our computer room. He drove me nuts--talking to me all the time, commenting on what he was reading, making noises, etc, etc. I thought I would lose my mind, when my husband suggested we move his desk down to the basement and give him his own space. Eureka! Problem solved.


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