Friday, September 21, 2012

Not Getting Any Rest...

...cause we're in the hospital. We've been here since early yesterday.

My poor boy has a pretty severe case of pneumonia.

I should have paid closer attention to my instincts. But we're here now so if you want to send up a prayer or two for a speedy recovery I would be very grateful.

I'll update when I'm able.



  1. O Sherry, how awful. Prayers sent straight away for a speedy recovery. Love, thoughts and hugs sent to you x x x

  2. Thoughts and prayers sent your way. Remember to take care of yourself as well.

  3. Godspeed for a full recovery for your son, Sherry. He's lucky to have you there with him xo

  4. You really do have an exceptional bevy of bloggers...the truth shall always set you free...Love you, baby!!!

  5. You did follow your insticts! You stayed home from work, checked on him overnight etc etc!!! Now it would appear he needs a little added care and I'm sure you knew that it was time to take him in. Is it viral or bacterial? Praying for speedy recovery and that you are remembering self-care!
    sending love


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