Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh Holy Crap

Tonight is B's Winter Concert.  He has two solos.  One is with the rest of the chorus and one is...gulp...his first Senior Solo.

B's Music Director allows the seniors in chorus to do solos during their two annual performances - one in the fall and one in the spring.  They can choose any song they want, have any accompaniment they would like and sing for as long as they would like.  This has resulted performances.

Oh what the hell, over the last four years I can count on one hand the number of kids who have performed well.  The rest have crashed and burned.  Some crash because they are nervous and look like they are going to throw up.  Some because, honestly, they lack the talent required to do a solo.  But for the vast majority of these kids, it's song selection.  To paraphrase the judges on American Idol, please do not try to do Mariah Carey or Celine Dion for your first ever solo performance...please.

What happens is that ALL of the parents (and the students) in the audience end up internally cringing and visibly willing those students to succeed...and just get the hell off the stage.  It's a learning experience, a confidence builder, a life moment.  But when it doesn't go well it is also very painful for those of us in the audience.  The good news is that most of the kids just want to get it over with so they don't even care how they did, or they were so nervous they had an out of body experience and therefore can't even remember singing.  Add to that the fact that when they are done we ALL break out in thunderous applause and it always ends well.

But child, who sings like an angel, who has been on stage countless times and who has even had a co-starring role in the fall play...will do one of these solos for the very first time.  He has chosen "Oh Holy Night" which I have heard him sing a million times and he performs beautifully.  However, when he told me his song choice, my first reaction was..."Oh Holy Crap".  It's a tough song!  What have I told you about song choice?

He said his goal tonight is to make me cry which, no matter what he does I will do.  I just hope I don't puke.



  1. That is my most favorite Christmas song, it always brings me to tears. I would be a puddle if my son was singing it. I bet he does awesomely!!!

  2. It's all about song choice, doesn't he listen to the American Idol judges? Ooohh sounds nerve wracking... let us know how it goes!


  3. How did it go? Did you cry?
    I remember in High School my older sister sang a solo, she was off key and I cringed, I could her asshole boyfriend behind me making shitty comments and I wanted to turn around and slap him.

    I never got up and sang a solo, too afraid.

    Kudos to the kids who get up and sing their hearts out!


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