Monday, January 14, 2013

One For The Good Guys

I have a very deep sense of what I believe to be right and wrong. In my younger days the hubs used to say that I was too black and white; that the world consisted of many shades of gray.  (At least 50?  Haha...sorry, couldn't help myself.)  And now that I'm older I see that (grumble) he was right. 

BUT, there are some things I still believe to be black and white, right or wrong, good or bad.  Things like hurting (either physically or emotionally) those that are defenseless against the rest of the world - kids, animals, the elderly, the handicapped, etc.  You get the picture. 

Or pre-judging people based on what they look like, or where they are from, or with whom they sleep.

Or that you must take your turn IN TURN!!!  Which, you may have guessed by the use of capital letters, is my topic of the day.

I am always amazed at those who believe their time and needs are so much more important than mine.  You know - you've been waiting in line for 20 minutes and someone comes up to the counter demanding to be waited on because they are in a hurry.  WTF?  Well, by all means go ahead of me since obviously there is nothing at all going on in my life that can compare to yours. 

Or you're waiting in line and another opens up and someone jumps right in without looking around to see who was next.  Really?  Well I guess because I'm not obnoxious and not prone to causing a scene AND I try not to sweat the small stuff, you win.  But it's still not right.

And my absolute favorite, traffic is backed up on the highway, you're sitting there waiting, you have to pee (oh wait...that's probably just me since I ALWAYS have to pee).  People are merging every other car because that's the right thing to do when, all of a sudden, one car whizzes by on the shoulder.  FAST.  Then, because we humans hate to see anyone get an advantage that we can't also have, the next car whizzes by...then the next and pretty soon there's an entire other lane that really is not a lane and should be used in the event of an emergency.  You know, like the fact that an AMBULANCE might have to get to the poor souls trapped in the car up ahead that is causing this frickin' back up.  UGH!

Which brings me to my favorite moment of the week...and it's only Monday. 

Picture it, sitting on the highway in a bumper to bumper traffic jam, where we're moving about three inches per hour (if that).  Everyone is being polite and letting people merge over so we can all get out of the way as quickly as possible.  Then, of course, a white van comes barrelling up the shoulder to the right of me (I'm in the far right lane because, well, that's the only place I could go), followed closely by several other cars.


About five cars ahead a tractor trailer seemingly pulls onto the shoulder to also get in that "lane".  But wait, the driver doesn't pull all the way onto the shoulder.  He or she pulls only far enough to block the cars that are trying to not wait their turn.  The driver then proceeds to ride like that, half in the right hand lane and half on the shoulder, all the way up to the incident where traffic finally opens up and we start moving.

I was smiling from ear to ear while I could see the drivers in the "shoulder lane" were not very happy.  A lot of yelling and slamming of the steering wheel was happening while all the driver's in the vicinity that were patiently waiting their turn were laughing their asses off.

Bravo Mr. or Ms. Truck Driver...score one for the good guys.



  1. I don't know who I get more mad at the people trying to cut in, or the people that let them.

  2. I have similar issues ... but I try hard to let it go and not get riled by it. Easier said than done though! I have seen lorry drivers in the UK do similar to that as well and have smiled about it as you can't really argue with a guy in 40 tons of heavy metal can you?

  3. I LOVE when a big truck does that. I like to smile and wave as I pass by the jerk who almost killed both of us speeding to the front when they're cut off. I wish I could write big signs to people when we're driving. "We're all trying to get there. Calm down." and "Take your turn, not mine." and "Don't be such asshole!"


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