Friday, August 30, 2013

Whole 30 Challenge

A comment on Annette's blog yesterday about starting this thing over for Dawn got me to thinking...what if we really do this together?  What if we copycat Belle and do a Whole 30 version of of her Team 100?  What if we leaned on each other and made this happen?

This. Just. Might. Work.

I've already decided to keep my Whole 30 ( going for another 30 days, and for my next 30 I'm going to ditch the Diet Soda (ugh) and the...gasp...International Coffee French Vanilla Creamer...cringe.  For me...that starts on September 18th.  (My current Whole 30 ends September 9th which gives me a week to regroup before I plunge in again.)  I've even ordered the book, "It Starts With Food" to devour before my next start date
SOOOOOO...if you guys want to join me, here's what I'm proposing we do.
  • Go to Whole 30 and read as much as you can on the program.  Download the shopping list and check out some of the recipes and menus. 
  • For those of you who have done Atkins or Paleo or South Beach...this is a version of that on heavy duty steroids. Take the next two 1/2 weeks to prepare and psyche yourself up.  Get excited!!!  Believe me when I say that this is a GOOD thing!  You will love yourself not because you're on a diet and may or may not lose weight, but because you're doing something good for that body (in the alcoholic's case) that you've been abusing for however many years!
  • If you decide you want to join in, email me at (or respond in the comments) and I'll add your name to our list. 
  • Give me your start date.  It can be today, the 18th (with me!) or a date in the past because you've already begun.
  • In the email also include your name (first names, nicknames, made up names, or blog names are anoymous participants - you have to own this thing), your reason for joining and what you'd like to achieve at the end of 30 days.  Remember, this doesn't have to be a number, it can be anything. 
  • Then, once a week (or twice or every day...I don't care), email me with your progress, questions or comments.  Tell me how your mood has been and what you've experienced since your last email.  Share the changes that are going on in your life, your body and your attitude.
  • I'll update everyone once a week in a weekend blog entry.  (Depending on the response to this, I'll update more frequently if necessary - if you have a question then EVERYONE likely has the same question.  We'll research and learn together.)  This will keep us accountable (me soda gone...ugh) and will give everyone a place to share, bitch and celebrate.
Then you have to COMMIT.
  • Put a sign on your fridge that says, "I can do ANYTHING for 30 days."
  • Write on your bathroom mirror in lipstick or white board marker, "I am beautiful and I am WORTH these 30 days."
  • Hide your scale and your tape measurers.  Weigh yourself and take measurements if you want on the very first day and then get someone to hide those motherfuckers where you will never find them.  Tell them that, no matter what, they are not to tell you where they hid them.  NO MATTER WHAT.  This is about health, not a number.  Besides, your clothes will begin to speak to you at about the 2 week mark.
  • Pull out those dusty AA tools and apply them to this...they work.

I'll wait to hear from you guys.  I'm doing this no matter what because I feel so damn good right now.  You guys are welcome to hitch a ride if you want.



  1. Hey Sherry!
    Your were already inspiring me...I started yesterday because of reading it on your blog.
    So, I am doing it to kick my sugar addiction which is terrible since quitting drinking and to lose a little bit of weight but I hate fad diets. I can't be without fresh fruit and veg, no weighing or measuring sounds great too!
    I am hoping silence the sugar monster and to feel less sluggish about my running workouts etc.
    So, I am in!
    Very hungry this evening as I have no energy to cook so have lived on eggs all day. Will cook up a storm tomorrow.
    Carrie @ Carrieonsober

  2. OK I'm in. Put me down for a Sept 18 start. I'll do my research before then. I need this. I don't need to email privately, I'm keen for doing it in the comments so I can see what others are saying too. I'd say posting more than once a week would be good - maybe twice? xxxx

    P.S. I have to admit that all your "out of my cold dead hands" talk about diet soda and that awful sounding creamy sweetner shit that you put in your coffee did jump out at me...pleased to hear that you're going to try and cut that stuff out.

  3. I'm in! I started Monday so what was that? The 24th?

  4. I started August 26. Great idea sherry!!

  5. Yay! I'm excited! Twice a week it is and comment away!!!

  6. I'm in for Sept 18th start date. :) I'm totally familiar with Whole30. The cookbook Well Fed is worth buying. Loads of good recipes.

  7. This is a marvelous idea...success to all...Love you baby...

  8. I think I'd like to join - September 3rd!

  9. Actually make that Sept 9th. I have to make a German chocolate cake for my dad's birthday next weekend - and I can't not sample it!

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