Friday, September 20, 2013

Tips, Tricks and oh yeah...I'm sick...

I'm sick.  I seldom get sick so when I do I feel like a big baby.  So what.  What's more, my favorite cough drop (Ricola Original Herb) has sugar in it. what.  I'm also making chicken soup with noodles on the side for everyone else.  I just want the soup part anyway.

It's funny how when you're sick you convince yourself that you "deserve" things.  I'm sick...I deserve a cookie.  I'm sick...I deserve that sherbet.  I'm sick...I deserve a pedicure.  (Okay - that last one I may just do but I want to wait until I'm sure I won't infect the poor technician.)  It reminds me of the rationalization I used to go through every day when I was drinking.  I broke a nail...I deserve a drink.

But I'm not going to eat poorly just because I'm sick; especially since I believe that eating like crap may have helped to get me sick in the first place.  I'm going to eat well and nourish my body so I can get well.  I'm going to stick to the plan.

Speaking of the plan, if you're new to the Whole 30 and you're feeling hungry don't despair.  Part of that is normal (I figured it was my body throwing a temper tantrum because I wasn't giving it the sugar it wanted) and it may also be that you're not eating enough at your meals.  Eat slowly at each meal and eat until you are full.  Your body will tell you when you're full.  Soon your hormones and body will begin to sync up and you won't be hungry in between meals anymore.

I'll admit to still struggling with the nighttime munchies.  The lower floor of our home is one big open space so the kitchen is there ALL THE TIME.  It's like a whining child in my ear sometimes.  "Come on!  EAT!  You know you're hungry.  You know you want something.  At least go stare at the open refrigerator...maybe you'll be inspired!  There's bound to be something new in there that wasn't there the last 20 times you looked right?  Right?"  I used to give in because I thought I...wait for it...deserved it.  But I've learned a few tricks to silence that whiny little brat.

I go up to my room to watch TV.  I do not watch the Food Network (not even Chopped with all of it's weird ingredients and especially not Diners Drive-ins and Dives!)  I paint my nails.  I read "It Starts With Food".  I surf the net and look for success stories from people who are as committed to this plan as I am.  I go to bed early.  I brush my teeth.

Anything to keep from eating when I'm not hungry.  If I really AM hungry (which is seldom), I'll grab a piece of fruit, a grilled chicken breast or a small handful of nuts.  Then I take whatever I've chosen back upstairs so that when I've finished eating it, it's a pain in the ass to go back downstairs for more.

Hey...whatever works.

So, as they say in certain parts of the YOU doin'?



  1. Good! Starving today. But I know it's just the where'd the sugar go. Day 3,4, and 5 I remember as hard, then things smooth out. Not eating after dinner. Eating enough. We had ginger peach scones at work today. Waaahhhhhh! But then I'd be knee deep in cookies right now. I made the chocolate chili recipe in Well Fed last night and it was yummy. Got some avocados to put on top of it for leftovers tonight. Get well soon! Thanks for the words of inspiration. xoxoxoxo

    gluten, dairy, sugar, grain, legume, soy free

    1. MMMMMMM...chocolate chili with avocados. I'm on it!

      Thanks Amy!


  2. I was hungry and felt awful the first week and half. Its much better now and I am rarely hungry. I am finding lots of interesting things that I eat...olives, pickles, salads, I was thinking of chicken soup today too! We are supposed to have our first rain tomorrow....I was going to make chicken veggie soup. Maybe I will. I will see how much time I have tomorrow.
    My big obstacle right now is that my client who I am trying so hard to connect with, has a boyfriend who loves to cook and he feels that is his contribution to her care....all of this home cooked food. Like baked macaroni and cheese, shrimp linguine with garlic toast. I *have* to eat a little! I try to just have a couple tablespoons. There is a bigger picture here, so I don't feel bad, really. lol Don't y'all agree? Come on! Give me permission! LOL

    Sherry feel better soon! ((HUG))

    1. You know how to do've done it before. You tell him that you can't eat pasta or sugar and let him figure out a menu that works for YOU. If he really IS trying to give back and is that great of a cook, he'll be happy to accomodate. If not, THEN PASS on what is not Whole 30 compliant and eat what you can. You can have the shrimp and a salad with cesar dressing, you just can't have the linguine and garlic toast.

      The mac and cheese? Sorry...I got nothing on that one.

      I emailed you my recipe for chicken soup which only takes about 30 minutes to make and is better than any I've made from scratch (I confirmed that yesterday...made it from scratch and I like the other one better). Just be sure to get organic chicken and vegetable stock (if it's not too expensive) and choose a brand with no MSG.

      You got this girl!!!



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