Friday, October 18, 2013

Tatted Up

As some of you know, this little tattoo was one of the reasons I stayed sober in the beginning.  The thought of having it removed was too painful to contemplate and every time I raised my right hand I was reminded of my commitment. 

In two worked.

But I'm past that now.  I no longer count days, weeks or months (hell...sometimes it was HOURS) since I had my last bottle of wine.  Now I mark the year but there's no big celebration like there was for year 1.  No balloons.  No cake.  No gifts.  (Okay that one I regret.)  It's just another day because being sober isn't what I am any longer, it's part of who I am. 

It. Just. Is.

I am not defined by my alcoholism or my sobriety...they are just a part of me.  Like my olive green eyes and my it's-not-fair-because-I'm-half-Italian fair skin. 

It. Just. Is.

So it's time for the date to go.  But instead of having it removed, I'd like to do a cover up.  So now the question becomes...cover it with what?

What do you guys think?  Any suggestions?  What should I cover it with?


"Tattoos can denote the transition from childhood to young adulthood. It can denote the transition to reproductive availability or the transition from adolescent to warrior."*
ANTHONY NAPOLEON, Awakening Beauty

*Or the transition from desperate alcoholic to contented soberista.


  1. Did my comments on this get eaten?? ugh.

    1. I guess so. Anyway, I was just saying that I stopped counting days and weeks and months a while ago. Nothing wrong with celebrating something as huge and life changing as sobriety, so I like marking that on the calendar, even if it's just acknowledging it. But at first, like you, I was a clockwatcher. It helped me get me through the first few months. So I understand when someone is excited about 30 days, etc. I was too.

      As for the ink there - who know. I never got a tattoo, so I don't know what is out there. They're pretty personal, yes? So perhaps your choice to cover it up will be just as personal? Or would a herd of butterflies do? Whatever it is, I am curious to know what you do :)


  2. I have no idea as I've never had one myself. What about some kind of bracelet in a tribal style like the Maori type.

    Like you say I'm just am alcoholic just like I'm English or male it just is me.

  3. The date transformation is all about you, make it into what you want...I love you...I still like the idea of the bracelet...


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