Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Couple of Things

First, to all of you Ugg lovers who commented yesterday...I KNOW Uggs are the shit in footwear, that's why I choose them for schlepping back and forth to the bus this winter (well actually I was looking for knockoffs but couldn't find any so I purchased the real deal...then Christmas rolled around and now you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a pair of knockoffs).  And they are the most comfortable things I've ever worn on my feet and I am now officially an Ugg addict.  But they are butt Uggly (see what I did there) and I am not used to wearing ugly shoes.  So I have a love/hate relationship with the suckers. 

Still...the fact that I'm buying lower and lower heels and seeking comfort over fashion is really pissing me off.  And that's a fact.

Next, for some reason I can no longer comment on Blogger posts from my work computer.  Who in the hell knows why...someone in IT decided that it was FORBIDDEN and so I wanted all of you to know that I'm reading even if I can't comment.  (Yes I'm working but I read and comment on my lunch hour.)  So to Barbara - I am so going to miss your posts.  I'm glad we're Facebook friends and please keep me updated if you start a new blog.  Amy - please feel better soon...sucks to be sick.  As to calling in sick?  Girl, keep your germs to yourself!  Your co-workers and customers appreciate the effort.

There is someone in my life right now that is sucking the Happy right out of me and I'm trying very hard to cope but it's getting more and more difficult every day.  Just being around them takes me from a place of joy to a place of frustration and even anger faster than a Mazzeratti goes from 0-60.  I'm very sensitive to the feelings of the people I love, so what they feel, I feel...for reals yo.  I think I'm going to have to get some kind of force field to put around me to protect my Happy this holiday season.  Someone call Bella and get her to drop that shield she used on the Volturi around me.  (That was a Twilight reference...sorry.)

That's all for today.  Protect your Happy.



  1. Some days wordpress won't recognize my username and password and I get paranoid and think that the blogger has blocked me and then the next day, I'm able to comment. I figure it's some sort of cosmic influence who is trying to keep me from saying the wrong thing on the wrong day.

  2. Yes I saw what you did....LOL. You are so funny! Then when you used the word "yo" lol I thought, "I bet when I get to meet her in real life she will be very calm and lady-like and poised in her high heels and won't actually use words like "yo" in real conversation." That will be a bummer! Lol

  3. Annette, luckily I have met her in person and she would use the word yo. :) And she is calm and lady-like and not like that at all. She is real as it gets, yo.

  4. Swing a dead cat. You brighten my day and add to my Happy, sorry someone nasty is messing with yours. Yo go girl!


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