Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sundays With Jenny

I know she gained it back but I don't care...I love Kirstie.

I am pissed and pouting.  In spite of walking 7 days last week for a minimum of 30 minutes at a minimum of 3 mph (not including warm up and cool down) and watching my calories very closely, I only lost 1.2 pounds this week.  This is my lowest weight loss yet.  It's lower than the weeks I didn't exercise (besides yoga).  So

So I'm pouting.  And crying...a little.

It's just so damn frustrating!!!

And before you say, "But you're still losing!" or "Just stick with it!" or whatever platitudes people offer when faced with an irrational, bitchy woman who is not making any sense; let me save you the time.  I've forgotten more of those pep talks than you'll ever know.  I've not only said them to other people but I've said them to myself so many times just hearing them makes me want to stick a fork in my eye.

I could tell my counselor didn't believe I had stayed on plan.  She kept saying, "You're almost too easy.  Don't you face any challenges?"

Of course I face challenges you ninny!  Like a dumbass I baked brownies for the kids this week.  I added chocolate chips...and Heath Bar Toffee Chips.  And then I looked at them the rest of the week not taking one bite.  Yeah...I faced challenges.

The hubs brought home Chex Mix and left it on the freaking counter instead of storing it in the pantry.  So I measured it out and substituted it for my snack.  Let me just say that 1/2 cup of Chex Mix ain't shit.

Like I said...challenges.

And I walked.  I walked every freaking day in the 100% humidity (thank God there was no sun) where I couldn't breathe.  I walked with my app that averages 3 mph (told you it was too slow) for 30 minutes and 45 minutes on Friday.  Do you know how difficult it's going to be for me not to kick up my workout and overdo it?  To continue with this slow as molasses program that makes me feel like a Benny Hill grandma?  Well I'll tell you!  It's going to be HARD.

Sigh...stupid menopause.

So I'll keep going because I have a strong will and I'm stubborn.  I am going to find the key to this and then I'm going to get on with it.

Maybe. soon as I'm done pouting that is...

Namaste...I guess.

"What you have to do and the way you have to do it is incredibly simple. Whether you are willing to do it, that's another matter."
~ Peter F. Drucker

Oh shut up.


  1. holy hilarious batman. you crack me up. "Oh shut up." I'm sure you feel better after that rant. i think ranting is a wholly necessary part of life. and every single one of my friends going through menopause agrees that it's ridiculous. and hugely irritating. One friend has a 17 year old daughter (so they're both hormonal at the same time!) and one friend has 5 year old twins. Both tell me that menopause isn't 'natural' in their situation (i.e. with babies and/or with teenagers still at home). glad that you're stubborn. that is probably the only way through :)

  2. Have you ever had your thyroid checked out?

  3. getting older ain't for the weak at heart. This is tough shit and only the srong survive.

    Metabolism - God blessed me with some beautiful attributes: perfect skin tone, curly hair (sometimes a curse), big boobs (always a curse), , :)
    but metabolism certainly wasn't one of them. Add age to the equation and my sedentary lifestyle (due to extreme back issues and arthritic knees) and it comes down to where it doesn't matter what I eat. I'm going to stay this weight. I have been the same weight for five years; despite all efforts in weight loss - I lose the water weight first few weeks and then plateau - crash, bang, boom, DONE...
    HOW FRUSTRATING,, because like you I am so compliant and attentive to the program at hand. Ya, it SUCKS man!!!!!

    Accept the things we cannot change . . . . . .
    Ok, I have EVERYTHING against me in terms of success with weight loss. SO,,, what CAN I change??? And that is where I'm at right now. Saw the knee doc last week and got the ok for bicycle riding. I don't have a bike, but we're shopping for one and that is my intention. I cannot walk (hell, I can't stand) because of my back,, but it occurred to me, "why couldn't I ride a bike?" And I don't mean doning the lycras and helmet; just around the neighborhood so I get MOVING,

    So, my dear soulmate,,, for what its worth, that's where I'm at. Just know, I HEAR YOU, I GET YOU, I KNOW YOUR HEART
    As an above poster wrote - at the least, you gotta feel better having just put it out there!!

    Keep the faith. Our beauty lies within

    blah blllahhhhh blah :-)

  4. Do you want the 1.2 pounds back? =)

  5. Ha Ha Ha! I love the above comment. I bet if she could reach you right now, she'd bitch slap ya.

  6. Hi Sherry, O well you made me laugh ;-)
    Me having raging hot flashes here, pouring with sweat yuk! plus 17 yr and 13 yr old hormonal sons and a five year old girl who thinks she's in charge . . . I think I went wrong somewhere?!?
    At least you didn't gain any! sorry!! put that fork down.

  7. I weigh less on Thursday mornings than I do any other day of the week. I can't weigh myself on Tuesday mornings at all...but I do anyway. Then I get discouraged and depressed, only to see undeniable progress two days later, depending on how good I've been (because often I'm not). I know you know all of this, but I know how hard I can be on myself too. It reminds me of struggles in sobriety...hang in there until you come out the other side, we're rooting for you.

  8. Menopause = my nemesis. It can be a tough gig.

    I've been more motivated by the measuring tape than the scales and charting the progress in a spreadsheet puts it all there in black and white, although i imagine your Jenny counsellor does that too.

    Losing weight sucks, until you pull some good numbers then it's all good again. Onward and upward for the next weigh in :)


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