Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ciao San Francisco

Tomorrow I head home after a wonderful trip to San Francisco.  Lord have mercy I love this city.

This has been a good trip filled with healthy food (not hard to do here), long walks (also not  hard to do here), and productive work experiences.  I've solidified some long distance work relationships and seen some sights I've been dying to see courtesy of one of those relationships who was born and raised here.

I'll be happy (to say the least) to get home to the hubs, kids and dogs - not to mention my own bed, TV and shower - but I can so relate to Tony when he left his heart here.  I feel like part of me stays in this city by the bay every time I leave.


Beautiful Golden Gate

Pacific Ocean at the Golden sunset of course.

Palace of Fine Arts I

Palace of Fine Arts II


  1. I went to SF a couple of times years ago - don't ask me why but that place never clicked with me like Boston or San Diego. Strange many people tell me it is such a great place but I just never got beyond first base with it...

    1. It's funny how certain cities affect you like that. I feel that way about Seattle. Never clicked and if I don't go back I'm okay. But Chicago and San Fran? Any day any how.

      Of course I've never been to London...

    2. London - funny when not work somewhere too easy to miss the beauty


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