Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Anyone Know of a Good Journaling App?

So day one of the 30 day challenge was..meh.  Overall I did well but I did learn a few things.

I need more protein at breakfast.  I had two hard boiled eggs and buy 10:00 I was hungry.  I ignored it till lunch.  The hubs made me scrambled eggs this morning.  I was hungry at 10:00.  I texted him and told him I'd need to add some more protein (maybe chicken or ham) to tomorrow's breakfast and please remind me.  That's when he told me that he scrambled three eggs this morning...not two.  Shit.  Okay, maybe one less egg and a half a chicken breast or a slice of ham? 

Caffeine withdrawal is a bitch.  That one will have to be tabled until after the sugar one...if ever.  Today I have my two Pepsi Max's and even though it will likely spike my insulin, I'm drinking them with lunch so the protein will help to minimize that.  It's better than the freaking headache I had all afternoon and into the evening.

I need to be prepared with afternoon snacks. I crashed yesterday around 4:00.  I stopped at the little store downstairs and bought some almonds which I proceeded to devour.  Note to self - do not let me get that hungry again.

So as I'm learning these little lessons and, as my friend RoS said yesterday in a comment, conducting a science experiment (I love that!), I'm thinking I need something to record all of this so I can go back and look when I get confused.  (Let's face it - lack of glycogen to the brain is going to create confusion for awhile until my hormones and body stabilizes.  I need to leave my brain a trail of breadcrumbs..uh..almonds to follow until it finds a balance.)

Paper is nice but I don't always have it with me (much less a pen).  But I ALWAYS have my phone with me so maybe an app!  I'm not allowing myself to count one fucking calorie or get on the dreaded scale so MyFitnessPal is out as are any apps like that.  I want to be able to record what I eat and how I feel at different times during the day in a calendar format.

Any suggestions?



  1. Do you have an iPhone? Just use your notes app. My trainer taught me to eat little bits every 3 hours to keep our metabolism working smoothly and to avoid that ravaged feeling.

  2. I'm loving what you are doing Sherry and can't wait to see how it goes. Please stick to it! (says the woman having two biscuits with her nightly cup of green tea).. when I was doing the fasting thing (which lasted for 2 weeks btw) my sister-in-law told me to eat a carrot in the afternoon "filling and not many calories" she said..

  3. Have a look at Evernote - it is a simple Note management app. I use Andriod, but the good thing is notes on my phone and home PC are synced up and it has a web login too - so as long as there is an internet connection I can get to them.


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